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Friday, December 22, 2006

Christmas gift list

My wonderful 6-yr-old daughter's dream gift for Christmas (or any other occasion, for that matter) would be a real kitten. What she knows is that she won't get one.
The other day I wanted to test how materialistic she is or has become, so I asked her:
"Apart from a kitten, is there anything else that you would like for Christmas?"
She hesitated a bit, thinking.. and then:

"Can't have a horse, right?"

At least she didn't present me a list of popular toys!! I am so proud of her for being so untouched by this materialistic world! I sure hope she'll stay like this.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Warning on the warning

My previous post had a warning.
I want to make clear that it is put in some extreme terms.
I find the video and the song beautiful (with the slight exception of one word that is repeated twice and that is not particularly "delicate" or elegant).. anyway, as I said, I think that altogether it is just beautiful. However I know some people would be a little more strict than me.
Post a comment and let me know what YOU think.


Use discretion viewing these images. They are art, but a couple of them may be considered not appropriate for youngsters. You be the judge.

"Un Uomo" di Eugenio Finardi
(preso in prestito da una ragazza che ha fatto un regalo alla sua migliore amica)

Chiedo in anticipo scusa per l'uso di alcune parole non proprio fini e qualche immagine forse non adatta ai minori di 14 anni.

Ma una MUSICA (e relative immagini, molto azzeccate) che mi fa sognare.. e sentire cosi' VIVA e cosi' PERDUTA come se mi fossi APPENA RITROVATA...

I am so happy!!

As you may have noticed I just learned how to put a video from YouTube directly on my blog: YEAH!
And I am very pleased that the first one is Jed and Harry's first YouTube performance. These guys are sooo good! I am always amazed at their talent.
The best thing about them? They have a great mother. ;)

Love ya, guys.


Whiskey Before Breakfast

Just checking if this works

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Cindy, this is for you

In response to your comment and because it made me think of some other music from the 80s I hadn't thought about in a long time (good grief -- we are dating ourselves!) I made another (long) trip in YouTube country.

This is for you, Cindy.


Sorry, but I couldn't find "Would I lie to you?" Here are some of my picks.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fdaOtjEmDjg Right by your side
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=USVuMDtQdAI The miracle of love
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-g3TyAHH6Vc The miracle of love II (shorter)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW_bTF-TUyE There must be an angel

Peter Gabriel.

Sledgehammer is not my favorite. "Don't give up" on the other hand...

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VrRY-7t9cjA Don't give up
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E0UjUtre26Q Don't give up (the video I remembered)
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riPHAFEJVA8 Sledgehammer

Tears for Fears.

Memories of a vacation in - what is now - ex Yugoslavia. I thought I would also put "Woman in chains", but I found out I don't like it anymore.. in my memories that one was "The" song.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7ZnkFFQh2fQ Everybody wants to rule the world
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8PwNopetmI4 Shout

Simple Minds.

Don't know if you like them. I don't think I like them now as much as I used to, but still not bad.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EN7j99SVko Don't you forget about me
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dXij21Gb5FQ Alive and kicking

Man! I'm getting deeper and deeper in my blogging!!


Twin Fif

(Questo post e' dedicato alle mie amiche Fif e non avra' molto senso per gli altri due lettori)

Ho trovato questo video-parodia di Twin Peaks. Bellino, ma non fa un baffo a Twin Fif.

(This post is dedicate to my Fif friends)

A parody of Twin Peaks. Funny if you've watched the original.


Monday, December 11, 2006

Bear with me, Cindy

Considering the reaction you had to my posting of Feelings, I wonder what your reaction will be to this one.
Keep in mind I never took the time to read/listen carefully to the lyrics, so forgive me if there is something inappropriate.
Still in the 80s realm.
And by the way.. a while back I was checking something on the net about Lisa Whelchel and I happened to find a site with a bunch of tv shows made in the 80s. Well, I quickly realized that we seem to have forgotten how it was back then. "We" complain a lot about how much worse it is now on tv regarding nudity, but even back then there was a lot of skin shown, and it's almost been 30 years.. I don't know that we should use the expression "When I was your age..." ;)


Monday -- Dec 11th

Am I a child of the 80s or what?


Sunday, December 10, 2006

Merry Christmas (or for the PC minded: Happy Holidays)

Yesterday we made a trip to a big store where they sell stuff in bulk and many other things at better prices. It was the first time I stepped in that store. It was not a life changing experience.

But I saw something that I've been thinking about on and off.

We met a couple from church there. It was nice to see them. We met them again at the check out line. The man had just purchased his own Christmas gift. Not a bad gift at all. Something I would like, too. It is one of those massaging things you put over an easy chair.
So far so good, nothing particularly weird or exceptional about this.

Then, something on the box caught my eye.
It said:

You will feel human again.

I don't get it. You will feel human again???
What is that supposed to mean??
When did I ever quit feeling human?? And what - if not human - am I supposed to feel?? And how is a massage supposed to change that??

And what if they're right?
Let's do a collection!
I can think of a bunch of people in need of some "rehumanizing" and now I have the perfect gift for them!

Peace among pieces

I find myself peacefully gathering and picking up the pieces of a faith that was shattered, like a completed puzzle in the hands of a two year old...

And here I am starting the puzzle all over, but the picture is completely different now.
Different picture, different borders.
A simpler picture.
A simpler faith.
Pointing to one face and one face only.

Ecce Homo.

Ecce Spes.
Ecce Pax.

Pax vobis.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Almeno la Mida.. (At least Meedah..)

So che almeno la Mida apprezzera' questo video da YouTube.

Mette allegria. Almeno a me.
E voglia di.. Voglia di?
Voglia di muoversi e di volare verso mondi diversi.


I know at least Meedah will appreciate this YouTube video. A disclaimer: not recommended for people with problems with belly buttons. Everybody else, I hope it makes you smile, if not dance.



Sarebbe ora di mettere qualcosa in italiano per quei tre fedeli lettori che l'inglese non lo masticano.. (ma saranno tre? Forse ho manie di grandezza!)

Ogni mattina quando mi alzo - se i bambini non sono ancora svegli - la prima cosa che faccio e' accendere il computer e poi mentre il computer si accende (e ce ne vuole di tempo da queste parti!!) mi faccio il caffe'. Tutte le mattine, o quasi, iniziano cosi'. E tutte le mattine, o quasi, una volta che il computer ha finalmente ingranato, mi vado a guardare la home page di Repubblica. Ho anche preso l'abitudine di guardare i blog che la redazione di Repubblica sceglie giornalmente.. certo che tutti noi ne abbiamo di tempo da perdere! Comunque e' divertente andare a vedere cosa scrivono altri. Ci sono cose che mi sono sentite mie e di cui mi sono appropriata (Rapida ed altri esprimono cose con parole migliori di quanto io possa mai mettere insieme) e ci sono cose che non avrei voluto mai leggere tanto sono assurde.
Altri blog che visito sono quelli di persone che conosco, solitamente americani. E' interessantissimo per me vedere la differenza di approccio che le due culture hanno a questo mezzo di comunicazione.
Per gli italiani e' solo un modo in piu' per esprimere le proprie idee, le proprie opinioni e le proprie lamentele. Per gli americani e' un modo veloce, diretto e impersonale per tenere aggiornati familiari ed amici sulle loro vite.
Per gli italiani non prende il posto del telefono (basti pensare a quanti cellulari ci sono in Italia!) o della chiacchierata davanti ad un caffe', ad un piatto di spaghetti o davanti ad una pizza. Per gli americani invece l'efficienza e' elevata al di sopra del faccia a faccia (o orecchio a orecchio); meglio informare tutti in un colpo solo che ripetersi con tutti personalmente.
Ogni volta che vado a vedere il "Profile" degli italiani che scrivono blogs, non ci trovo nulla. Ogni volta che vado a vedere il "Profile" nei blog americani ci trovo vita, morte e miracoli degli autori corredati di foto e numero di scarpe.

E l'autrice di questo blog?

Vi basti sapere che sono italiana e che vivo negli Stati Uniti. E il mio numero di scarpe e' il 37 misura italiana e il 7-7 e 1/2 misura americana.

E che faro' di tutto affinche' il prossimo mio post non cada nella categoria 'assurdo e inutile' come questo.

Abbiate pazienza.

E magari ogni tanto lasciatemi un commento.

Friday, December 08, 2006


Just a note for those who have said they were unable to post a comment because of the settings of this blog. I changed some of those so that non-members can post too. (Sorry it took me so long - I didn't know I could change that - and a special apology to Cind who went through the trouble of creating a blog just to post a comment on mine! (by the way, I look forward to a new post on your blog, Cind) )

Thanks for your patience, if you still have the patience to read my ramblings.

Changing times or changing people?

I got a call from my friend Nena today. I shared with her the fact that Juniper lost her second tooth in the last few days and has a nice window in her beautiful smile ("All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth, my two front teeth...") She shared with me a little story I think my closest friends here would appreciate, if that even explains what they'll feel. Nena works in a preschool and one of her girls lost her tooth, too. Nena asked her if she got some money from the Tooth Fairy and the little girl answered: "No. I got a pedicure" Now.. it's either Tooth Fairies are not what they used to be or there is something wrong with this picture! But, of course, it's the same school that another little boy attends and he invited all the kids in the school to his birthday party -- all 200 of them! And gave all a party favor that I remember thinking would probably cost as much as 10 of the gifts that I would normally buy (as birthday gifts, not party favors)... sorry, little A. who just turned 7, had a party today and got a plush animal/puppet we got at Wally World.. I actually thought it was pretty cute. Maybe we should have given her a spa treatment...

Perhaps those people are the "poor in spirit" Jesus talked about..

Mary did you know?

The heart of a mother (no catholic pun intended).
No need for words.


Bless me!

Would someone please remind me my children are a blessing even when they sing and watch "Rudolph the red-nosed raindeer" for the 4ooth time?!!?!?!?!? (man! that movie is SOOO stupid! Oh,that's right, we don't use the word stupid.. oh well, I could have used a worse expression..)

I am just kidding, in case anybody wonders... I always know my children are a blessing, it's the repetitive activities they choose that I have doubts about.

Good grief, this motherhood thing is not so easy nor is it natural. A learning experience with no end. And I'm afraid that when (and if) I get a grip on some of these things I'll be a grandmother and at that point they'll be useless, since all I'll have to do is spoil my grandchildren.

A no win situation.

And at the same time we win more than we can imagine... Not the least the sound of laughter in the other room while a little girl reads "Go dog go" to a little boy.
Their laughter fills my inmost being.

May they always keep that pure laughter..

Theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Bless ya!

What is a blessing?
What shape does it have?
Is it "one size fits all"?

Some blessings are blessings for everyone. Salvation through faith in Christ and the cross is one. It is THE one.

Some blessings (maybe even all the ones apart from salvation) belong to the category "relative truth". They come in different shapes and colors. And they are tailor made for certain people. The difficulty is sometimes recognizing them. What we expect as a blessing may show up in a different way and then it's: "What do I do now?" (Wyle Coyote knows something about it -- see the link below)

Let's be careful when we decide certain things are blessings and certain others are not. Never underestimate the power of God.

Is it a blessing to be hungry?
Is it a blessing to be in such pain all you can do is cry?
Is it a blessing to be hated?
Is it a blessing to be poor?
Is it a blessing to have lost someone dear and grieve?
Is it a blessing to be persecuted?

Blessed are ye that hunger now: for ye shall be filled.

Blessed are ye that weep now: for ye shall laugh.

Blessed are ye, when men hate you...

(Luke 6)

Blessed are the poor in spirit..

Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be comforted.

Blessed are they which are persecuted for righteousness' sake: for their's is the kingdom of heaven..

(Matthew 5)

All these things a lot of times are perceived by us as attacks from the enemy and we can fail to see the spin God puts on them. Not everything is an attack. Not everything is a curse. Not even those things that sure feel like it.

God is definitely thinking "out of the box"!

May He always BLESS us. And may we always be ready to accept even those blessings that come in a different size, color and shape than we expect.


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