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Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Freaky -- at least to me.

Some of you reading may remember me mentioning the fact that my 7 yo daughter swallowed a one dollar coin.
That happened on March 28th. Almost 4 months ago.
As part of the joys of parenting we've been checking her bm faithfully all this time (and found nothing!), up until last week when we finally decided it was time to do another x-ray and see where this thing was. And, guess what?, the x-ray today showed that the coin is no longer in her belly! Praise God!
It is possible (but highly unlikely) that we somehow missed it and it's possible that she passed it during this last week that we took a break from checking, since we were going to do an x-ray anyway.. but I like to think that the Lord just decided to give us a good gift from above.

Now -- if all this was not freaky enough, today something else caught my attention.
On this blog I have a "counter". Every time someone visits this site, the time of the visit and the country where the internet provider of the visitor is located are recorded. I made it a habit of mine to check the visits on a regular basis, out of curiosity. Some of the visits I recognize because I pretty much know the location of some of the friends who I know visit my blog; and some of the visits I don't recognize either because the location of the provider shown is not accurate or simply because I don't know these people. It's been really fun to see that people from all over the world would stumble upon my blog because they were looking for something I happened to mention in it.
This was the premise.
Today, as I said, we did my daughter's x-rays. We were at the doctor's office around 2.30 pm. We were out of there around 3. I called a couple of friends in the next 5 to 10 minutes and then we ran a couple of errands in town. We were back home close to 4.30.
Later this evening I checked my emails and happened to check my counter too. There were 3 new visits. One from the UK and two from the US. And this is where I was sort of freaked out.
The visit from Daventry, United Kingdom, was around 3.30 pm, my time. Nothing too weird about that, except that the visitor was directed to my blog after searching for these words in Google:

lost coin prayer

The next visit was around 4.30. It was from Detroit, MI. Directed to my blog after searching for these words in Google:

what happens when you swallow coins

As far as I know I don't know anybody in Daventry nor in Detroit. If someone recognizes him/herself in one of these two visitors, please let me know. I am dying of curiousity if it's someone we know just checking our dollar deal or if it's a freaky coincidence. It is just really weird that there were people searching those words at the time we found out about the "passing" of the coin. And right at that time only 2-3 people already knew.. (and no, they don't live in Daventry or Detroit)

I am sure there is a very simple explanation for this. And I am curious to hear it.
Please let me know.

Rejoicing for having lost the coin again,


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